Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Zombies That Ate The World Animated Short

Aside from working on Muttpop Inc. with myself and writing the various comic book series in the Lucha Libre Comic Anthology, Jerry also writes a Horror/Comedy comic book series called "The Zombies That Ate The World" with cartoonist extraordinaire Guy Davis (best known for his work on Hellboy's B.P.R.D. and The Marquis). The comic book series was published in the US released Metal Hurlant Comic Magazine until Metal Hurlant's cancellation. It has also been released in graphic albums in France.

Many years ago, there was some interest in developing "Zombies" into an animated feature or television series. In an effort to garner interest in the project, a short animated film was made based on the first chapter of the story (as written by Jerry and drawn by Guy Davis).

The short does a decent job of capturing the inventive nature of Jerry's concept...but I don't feel it does a very good job of capturing the frantic energy of Davis' beautiful style and illustrations.

Either way, it's pretty cool to see Jerry and Guy's work translated to another medium! One of these days, we should think about doing some "Zombie" figures! :-)

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Blogger ziritt said...

Yeah man! Doesn't look anything like Davis. I hate when animations look totally different to the comics. I don't get it.
I love that comic and I think reserve a better animation style.
I can't believe Metal Hurlant is gone again!
I was checking yesterday a Heavy Metal and really suck. I guess Americans prefer superheroes.
You two guys are taken over the world!
Everything I wanna do with my company is what you guys are doing already, so you are a big inspiration for us.
Thank you and hasta la victoria siempre!

1:45 PM  
Blogger Adrian Barrios said...


Was wondering what softwares were used to do this?


8:18 AM  

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