Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Blu Ray Wins.

I'm going to change things up a bit and do a few posts today. Lots of fun news discovered and I figured instead of holding off on it and make the blog irrelevant to the latest news, I'll do small bits about each of them.

These next few days should be pretty exciting on the Video Game front since CES is happening in Las Vegas. The PS3 is getting a nice resurgence due to the appararent Blu Ray/HD DVD coup by Paramount. It looks like the next generation of Video Media will be Blu Ray.

This is a huge breakthrough for Sony. A lot of companies don't like to support Sony media because they are such a huge multi-media corporation. Beta, Mini-Disc, UMD, Memory Cards...Sony's lost practically all media format wars for the last 30 years. Forcing the Blu Ray format on the PS3 can attribute to it's initial high cost and slow start as a next gen system...but it's looking like its all finally paying off.

This shouldn't affect the XBox 360...but it validates PS3 as a long term contender. Even with all this talk of the Wii console sales and the crazy amounts of software the 360 manages to sell...Sony stays competitive by being an affordable next gen HD video player.

I STILL need an HD it doesn't have any affect on me...but it's fun to see how it all unravels. In fact, my buddies make fun of my 19" Magnavox Tube! Hey, it's better than the 13" VHS/TV combo we were using for a couple years. The Magnavox EVEN has an S-Video input! :-)



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