Thursday, November 01, 2007


I've read both volumes of EMPOWERED by Adam Warren and I adore them. As I've mentioned before, Adam Warren is one of the few American "manga" creators whose work I love.

Warren's a bit of an enigma to me, because I feel that he has all the makings of a "superstar" artist. But somehow he manages to hide in the shadows outside of the mainstream comic spotlight. No big deal, though. His work is always a charm to experience and his tenure on "Empowered" is the closest we've gotten to some regular Adam Warren artwork.

"Empowered" is about an insecure superheroine who repeatedly finds herself gagged and held hostage by the bad guys. Empowered's so caught up in being a crappy superhero that she doesn't realize she's envied by women for her beauty. The premise results in Empowered regularly being found in compromising scenarios and dialogues on the more sexual aspects of superhero genre conventions.

Empowered is sexy, hilarious, and beautiful. It's a pervy pleasure crafted with a love and charm that's infectious.



Blogger damien said...

Ma liste de noël?...
Le libellé Comics de muttpop...

1:37 AM  
Blogger spleenal said...

oh yes, i love adam too.
rather than a slave-ish apeing of the manga style he took what he needed from it, and invented the rest. the result is always not so much a manga style comic, but an Sdam Warren style comic.
He writes it too.
I've never understood why he isn't more famous, perhaps that's his choice. Choosing not to do what's best for his career, but what he wants to do instead.

did you catch his teen titans elesworlds oneshot "scizzors, paper, stone"?

2:06 AM  
Blogger Muttpop Bob said...


Totally agree.

I have his Teen Titans stuff. I also have his later Dirty Pair comics and Gen13 specials. Basically, it's the stuff he drew and wrote. They're all great.


12:13 PM  
Blogger ng, jon hoitai said...

are you one of the creator of lucha lebre? anyhow! very very very cool stuff! i just stumble into ur comic this week during lunch @ work. i love it... it has the taste of anime but is not... very different... i hope to read the other books! i m still tryin to get hold of the first issue! i ve to wait since i m working singapore!


6:56 AM  
Blogger Muttpop Bob said...

Yup. I'm the Editor of the US Comic and oversee the development and production of the Designer Toys.

I'm glad you like our comics. Thanks for supporting them! Our artists are hugely influenced by Manga and Capcom videogame design...but as you said they've really taken that inspiration and developed a completely different style. Good luck finding the first issue.


1:30 AM  
Blogger Allan L. said...

I'm a rabid fan of Adam's work, especially now because of this title. I became a fan of his work via his illustrations in Spin back in the day, and I've been loving his stuff in PSM. Not only is his writing impeccable, but the way he draws Empowered (entirely in pencil!) is astounding.

12:31 AM  
Blogger Muttpop Bob said...

allan l.:
I completely agree. Even his lettering is perfect! I'd love to see this man work in real time. It's amazing how much he can do with just a pencil.


6:14 PM  

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