Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Repo! The Genetic Opera!

I don't know what to think. Horror Opera? But I am embarrassingly intrigued by what's been shown thus far. I love the cheesy 80's rock opera sound. The leather fetish garb and sharp stuff looks kind of neat. I'm also really into the way the bad dude's face lights up in a pale blue under that funky mask. A part of me thinks I may like this in that guilty way I'll occasionally enjoy McDonald's Chicken McNuggets with Sweet & Sour and Hot Mustard sauce.

The track record of those involved isn't very good. The Director is best known for Saw II, III, and IV (which I refuse to see). The credibility Paul Sorvino brings is eradicated by casting Paris Hilton...but then again, the cheese factor Paris' participation brings is perfect for the tone of the concept.

I was mildly intrigued when Paris mentioned the project on David Letterman. Now it's up to my will power to hold me back from spending my hard earned cash to see this in theatres and wait for it's emminent release on Netflix. Still, it's tempting...we'll see how I feel when it's in theatres April 2008!

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Anonymous the7000club said...

god, i sure hope this isn't the "remake" of the phantom of the paradise that i had read about a while back

5:54 PM  
Blogger Muttpop Bob said...

It doesn't look like it. From the website it looks like there was a play production of Repo! for a period of time.


10:53 AM  

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