Tuesday, February 20, 2007

A Tequila Fan Who Doesn't Like Tequila

I found this story on the KID ROBOT discussion board: "i sold a tequila figure by Muttpop, a guy bought it and paid immediately, so i left a positive feedback and shipped it. a few days later i got a negative feedback because this guy thought he was buying tequila, the alcohol. he didn't contact me about it, didn't read the auction at all apparently, just left a negative feedback. i contacted him and explained that i would be more than happy to take it back and give him a full refund, he declined and said i intentionally misled him. selling alcohol on ebay is illegal, and if you have a problem you are supposed to contact the seller before leaving feedback, ebay didn't care about either of those points and said there was nothing i could do." Some people should drink responsibly... or maybe just learn how to read.



Blogger toysrevil said...

*slaps palm on forehead*

10:20 AM  
Blogger xoconostle said...

I can see how it might look like a cool novelty decanter, but c'mon. :-)

11:48 AM  

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