Thursday, August 24, 2006

Tequila vs. Louis

I just found this on eBay. Here's the text who goes with the auction: "This figure was a Vinyl Pulse Exclusive and was limited to a mere 333 copies and released on the most evil date of the millenium, 6/6/06!!. It SOLD OUT within hours of it's release. Stands over 8" and includes soft vinyl poncho that can be removed to show off El Brujo's totally ripped and tattooed torso. Comes in a beautiful box also designed by Mr Kozik. IMPORTANT!!! This menacing warrior was brutally attacked by my French Bulldog, Louis, who devoured Tequila's right foot. Though the rest of him is unscathed, Tequila is quite shaken up about the whole ordeal, and is looking for a happy, stable home in which to recuperate for his next battle..." Tequila seems to be in pretty good shape after that kind of fight! By the way, here's the link, in case somebody would want to buy this survivor. If the seller sees this post, he can send me a picture of Louis, I would love to post it!



Anonymous Jude Buffum said...

Hi Jerry! That's my auction, if you want to see pictures of Louis check out his Myspace page...

What happened was my wife and I were cleaning our house for a cocktail party and we put away our dogs' toys. Louis was desperate for something to chew on, so of course he went for the most expensive toy in my collection...

9:42 AM  
Blogger Jerry Frissen said...

Thanks a lot!

9:54 AM  

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